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Our solution for investors that want a better way to manage their brokerage accounts. We set out to create a single destination with all the features we always desired (and you can keep your broker)
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Have you ever wished you could do this?

Manage multiple accounts, like your IRA and your child's account, with the same idea.

Track strategies separately and smarter rather than as a singular blob displayed by your broker.

Research your holdings over the weekend and prepare your orders for Monday.

Send multiple orders to your broker with one click.

Recall all your activity, notes, and opinions on a stock anytime, in one place and available forever.

Share ideas with other expert investors.

Access professionally designed models without ever being overwhelmed.

Tools for investors, reimagined

We put our collective experiences together and asked a simple question: why can't we research, manage and trade from a single website? The mission of Manage is to put everything you need under one roof.

But we are not asking you to throw away your broker. Manage makes your broker experience better and your investing life simple.

Manage Tools

Account Management & Tracking
Your account need not be a singular blob. With Manage you can track different strategies in a single account. Or how about following the same strategy in multiple accounts? You can do it all here, with real time quotes and a beautifully designed interface.
Integrated Design
Everything is connected: research, accounts and trading. For example, with our Stock Timeline you can immediately see your current and past activity on a stock and see an annotated chart with your notes, opinions and transactions. All available completely free.
Broker Connectivity
Send your orders to your broker from Portfolio123. Your account here can be connected to your brokerage account, and holdings and order fills update automatically.
Follow Expert Strategies
With Manage you can follow our best strategies or strategies designed by our expert users. And when you connect your broker account, rebalancing is as easy as 123!
Watchlists reimagined
Ever wanted to chart overall watchlist performance against all stocks and benchmarks? No problem. We took all the best ideas about watchlists and put them in one place.
More to come...
  • More brokers supported
  • Fractional shares
  • Programmable limit orders
  • Newsletters from expert users

Did we mention it's free?

All of the features in Manage are free. You will be able to connect your account with our preferred brokers, invest in our highest quality strategies, and enjoy all the time saving and helpful features of Manage completely without cost.

The reason we do this is simple. We believe everyone benefits from taking more control of their investments. And the better investor you are, the higher the chance you will want other services from us.
Well then, are you ready to simplify (and enjoy) your investing experience?
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