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About Us

Portfolio123 was launched in 2004 well before the word “fintech” came into vogue. We are a pioneer in allowing anyone to create a rules-based investment strategy that closely resembles what a human strategy manager does. The motivation was simple: to eliminate the time-consuming, repetitive and emotional process of managing a stock strategy.

All computer models rely on quality data to produce meaningful results. Therefore in 2012 Portfolio123 made a bold transition to the most respected financial database, Compustat, which is supplied by Standard & Poor's Global Market Intelligence. With this move Portfolio123 remains the only provider of this data to individual investors at a reasonable price, thereby leveling the playing field with the institutions.

But no matter how simple and powerful we made our strategy tools, they remained out of reach for most investors. Beginning in 2018 a completely redesigned website was launched to cater to any investor, from the beginner to the advanced. With many new features, all available for free, Portfolio123 is once again a pioneer in making strategy management as easy as 1-2-3!

Marco Salerno | CEO

We're not going to entice you by showing smooth returns and cuddly family pictures. Owning stocks is a roller coaster. But, ultimately, direct ownership of companies that aim to dominate their spaceis the best place for your money to grow exponentially.
With today's liquid markets and free money transfers, there's no reason for anyone to have more than a paycheck in a bank account, losing purchasing value every day.
You can't beat the market if you own the market. We believe in stock picking. Markets are inefficient and there are many gems to be found.Leave ETFs and funds to 401k plans.
So you think buying stocks is risky? They are the final product of innovation, founder's sweat and tears, countless meetings, due diligence, regulations, and collective effort. Yes, some bad apples exist, but from an evolutionary perspective they are the best, fittest investments.
Do you avoid stocks because you think the market is rigged and manipulated? Individual investors are actually the ones with the biggest advantage over institutions: they are small and nimble.

Meet Our Team

Marco Salerno Founder & CEO

A software engineer, inventor, and handyman, Marco was introduced to computers at an early age while attending a boarding school in the Swiss Alps. He was the only one to request to be in the computer lab when a shiny new Apple II arrived rather than participate in the skiing outings. After stints at prestigious investment firms like Citadel, he began thinking of ways to automate the repetitive task of managing a strategy. That work eventually became Portfolio123.

Marc H. Gerstein Director of Research & Author

A former lawyer, Marc has spent his career analyzing stocks, educating investors and helping to develop stock screening platforms at Value Line, Reuters, and various websites. His commentary can be found on and He has authored two books Screening the Market (Wiley, 2002) and The Value Connection (Wiley 2003), and is presently working on a new book about investing strategy design and a satirical novel with a Wall Street setting when he is able to find some time.

Hem Upadhyaya Head of RIA

Former banker at Northern Trust and researcher for an investment research app he co-founded, Hem has experience in both worlds. After partnering with a friend to start a financial research app, he started managing client investment accounts before coming onboard with Portfolio123 to kickstart the RIA department. He has a very curious personality and enjoys learning new things every day. He's a strong follower of the motto “work hard, play hard” and “Give 100% to everything!”

Riccardo Tambara Business Analyst & Trading

Riccardo began trading securities before graduating high school, and won the collegiate European University Trading Challenge. As a BS in Economics of Financial Institutions, he is not only experienced at investment strategies, but also business analysis and macroeconomics. Moreover, he contributed to the venture of an Italian start-up which focused on the deployment of blockchain technology on transfers of credit assets between financial institutions.

Paul DeMartino Head of Customer Service

Paul has worked at several companies over the years, as an analyst, a writer, an editor, and a financial data expert. Those companies included Oppenheimer, Value Line,, and Reuters. Paul also holds an MBA in Finance, Economics and International Business from New York University, where his coursework included economic history, which he frequently uses to help people in examining their Portfolio123 systems.

Ted Beck Head of Software Technology

Ted graduated from University of Minnesota and has been leading Portfolio123's software technology since the company's beginning. His everyday efforts have led Portfolio123 to become the advanced research platform it is today.

Yuval Taylor Product Manager

Yuval invests primarily in microcaps; investigates investment conundrums; and writes about his investigations on his blog, invest(igations) and on Seeking Alpha. He worked for thirty years as an editor at publishing houses in New York City and Chicago. He is the author of Zora and Langston: A Story of Friendship and Betrayal (Norton, 2019) and other books.
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