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Our consulting services

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You give us the idea, we make it a plan. And a reality.
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Consulting as a Solution

Is there a major project for which you need lots of help?
We have a staff with a wide knowledge of data, backtesting, accounting principles, programming, and strategy design
to help you achieve your objectives.

What We Can Do

Do you have a backtesting idea, data-processing algorithm, multi-factor ratings system, or other major project in mind? We've successfully helped clients design all kinds of systems tailored to their particular needs.
If your strategy requires a long list of complicated factors in order to succeed, we can help. Factor design is our bread and butter.
Do you envision a strategy with buy and sell rules, ranking systems, periodic rebalancing, etc, yet you have no idea how to get that started? We've created strategies for all kinds of portfolios.
In need of a solution to save time on your stock research efforts? With our new DataMiner software (built on top of our API) we can create automated systems that can generate lots of data in a few clicks.

How It Works

Send us a request
Try to describe your project as clearly as possible in your request.
Our developers will evaluate your request from a technical standpoint before moving it to implementation.
Proposal & Acceptance
We'll send you a proposal with the estimated workload and timeline, and related cost.
Feature Delivery
You have a system ready to go. Reap the benefits!


I recently did a vital project for my company,, with the consulting services of Portfolio123. Before that, I had worked with 2 previous consulting firms to help me with this project to create a new stock rating system. 18 months later, and tens of thousands of dollars wasted, I was starting to feel like this project would never come together. But gladly, I decided to knock on one more door...Portfolio123. The consulting team there quickly understood what was needed and amazingly 1 month later I got exactly what I was looking for. Actually it was even better than I could have imagined. Now that I look back, I am actually glad the other consultants failed at this project so I could have it done by the best in the business at Portfolio123.
Steve Reitmeister CEO,

What Do You Have in Mind?

Send us your idea, we'll get back to you with feasibility and an estimated cost.

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