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Be a cold blooded investor. Create, backtest and invest in your own rule-based strategies. See why professionals and academics trust Portfolio123.
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Invest without the work in sophisticated, convenient strategies, with our automated strategy management.
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Our Core Beliefs

Investors that take control have an advantage
Whether it's by direct ownership of stocks or by investing according to your capital, we believe any investor, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from taking control of their strategies
Silence the noise
By following objective strategies that flow from the study of relevant questions, investors are likely to achieve better results than from reacting to fads, current events, emotions or folklore
Learn from the past
Although nobody knows how stocks will be priced in the future, we can and do know the kinds of questions investors should consider to enhance the probability of future success
There is no single answer
Different investors with widely differing priorities, temperaments and preferences can and do succeed. Our goal is to help users implement whatever approach they choose as effectively as possible
Perfect balance
The three ingredients to success when using a mechanical system are purely mathematical tools, real world consideration, and lots of experience to put it all together
Stock picking works (a.k.a. active management)
Buying the most attractive stocks without over-diversifying and replacing them when better opportunity arises is the way to outperform the market


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Marco Salerno | CEO

We’re not going to entice you by showing smooth returns and cuddly family pictures.Owning stocks is a roller coaster. But, ultimately, direct ownership of companies that aim to dominate their spaceis the best place for your money to grow exponentially.
With today’s liquid markets and free money transfers, there’s no reason for anyone to have more than a paycheck in a bank account, losing purchasing value every day.
You can’t beat the market if you own the market. We believe in stock picking. Markets are inefficient and there are many gems to be found.Leave ETFs and funds to 401k plans.
So you think buying stocks is risky? They are the final product of innovation, founder’s sweat and tears, countless meetings, due diligence, regulations, and collective effort. Yes, some bad apples exist, but from an evolutionary perspective they are the best, fittest investments.
Do you avoid stocks because you think the market is rigged and manipulated? Individual investors are actually the ones with the biggest advantage over institutions: they are small and nimble.

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