Defensive Utilities (PFC)

CLP Holdings Ltd1389.0%$10.245825,643
EDP-Energias de Portugal SA1809.0%$55.331420,850
FirstEnergy Corp.25710.1%$37.613,57120,385
Huaneng Power International Inc2496.5%$14.48211,665
National Grid plc6810.5%$65.7829545,706
Star Group LP36910.2%$10.3679495
South Jersey Industries Inc.18710.8%$25.751,4562,638
Spark Energy Inc36211.9%$10.27250149
Spire Inc1039.6%$75.472613,900
Scottish and Southern Energy PLC8211.2%$21.622821,551

Last 20 Trades
(Incl Fees)
2021-03-08BUYNGGNational Grid plc$57.57
2021-03-08SELLAYAtlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc$35.11
2021-02-22BUYSSEZYScottish and Southern Energy PLC$19.45
2021-02-22SELLALEALLETE Inc.$63.92
2021-02-01BUYSRSpire Inc$61.92
2021-02-01SELLENIAEnel Americas SA$7.63
2020-12-28BUYCLPHYCLP Holdings Ltd$9.21
2020-12-28SELLEBRCentrais Eletricas Brasileiras Sa-Eletrobras$7.02
2020-11-16BUYALEALLETE Inc.$58.11
2020-11-16BUYEDPEDP-Energias de Portugal SA$53.35
2020-11-16SELLEONGYE.ON SE$11.03
2020-11-16SELLEIXEdison International$64.94
2020-11-09BUYAYAtlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc$34.27
2020-11-09BUYSJISouth Jersey Industries Inc.$21.61
2020-11-09SELLCWENClearway Energy Inc$30.16
2020-11-02BUYEONGYE.ON SE$10.52
2020-11-02SELLPORPortland General Electric Co$39.55
2020-10-26BUYENIAEnel Americas SA$6.81
2020-09-28SELLSJISouth Jersey Industries Inc.$19.15
2020-09-14BUYPORPortland General Electric Co$34.32

Model (%) 763416177818-21123-5242011
Benchmark (%) 2-382313-0133011-11019-6291611
Excess (%) 54410417-6-226-1142-54-0

Risk Measurements Since Inception Trailing 3 Year
  Model S&P 500 ($SP500)   Model S&P 500 ($SP500)
Total Return 495.83% 188.66%   61.08% 53.93%
Annualized Return 13.86% 8.01%   17.22% 15.46%
Max Drawdown -13.13% -56.78%   -13.13% -33.92%
Standard Deviation 10.14% 15.75%   11.39% 18.78%
Sharpe Ratio 1.27 0.52   1.31 0.82
Sortino Ratio 1.75 0.68   1.84 1.06
Correlation with S&P 500 ($SP500) 0.51 -   0.59 -
R-Squared 0.26 -   0.35 -
Beta 0.33 -   0.36 -
Alpha (annualized) 10.66% -   9.79% -

Utilities are known for the defensive earnings regardless of market cycle. But simply holding utility companies and collecting a 4 - 5% yield is not your best strategy. What about preservation of cash when utility share prices fall in bear markets if fundamentals are eroded for some reason? Wouldn't it be better if a portfolio knew how to progressively sell off holdings when specific firms were weakening fundamentally? As well, certain utilities do better in bull markets and others hold up better in bear markets. In addition to income, capital growth should also be a major factor. This defensive utilities portfolio controls for all of the above.

Key Stats
Annualized Return (CAGR) 13.86%
Alpha 10.66%
Rebalance Frequency Every Week
Last Rebalance 05/10/21
% Cash Invested 98.92%

Trading Stats
Average Days Held 102
Average Annual Turnover 233.36 %
Average Return 2.70%
Average Return Winners 9.40%
Average Return Losers -6.00%
Winners 58.40%