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Re: Interactive Brokers Lite accounts?


Here are some partial answer to some really good questions.

When you used Folio Investing, did you have multiple Folios and use the 'Trade Entire Folio/Update & Exchange' feature?

I used multiple Folios but they mirrored P123 ports exactly. If one of my ports me had me buying 53 shares I would buy 53 shares in that Folio. Some days I would be buying XYZ in multiple Folios. I don’t think I ever used the "Trade Entire Folio/Update & Exchange’ feature. Certainly not regularly.

How does the Fidelity trading toolset handle multiple Folios and 'Trade Entire Folio/Update & Exchange' per the above? I think some of the above is achieved with the P123 and Tradier integration by using Live Strategies.
Fidelity is not good for this to the best of my knowledge. I am not aware of any way to do this with Fidelity.

Just unclear on the risk of using Tradier as a brokerage for larger account sizes.

I am not sure what type of risk you are concerned about. Are you worried about possible failure of a Brokerage after the published concerns about Robinhood and their seeking (needing) more capital when they were stressed?

I have to admit I did not even yawn at the time with all of my money being at Fidelity (or FDIC bank deposits). Or think about your question much at the time. But now that you mention it….I know nothing about Tradier other than some of those guys were at TradeKing. TradeKing was successful and no longer exists because they were acquired, I believe. I am not aware of any problems with TradeKing (or Tradier). I have no other information.

This is the only other thing I could find that might possibly address your question:

"Congress decided to act to protect investors from failing brokerage firms and to bolster investor confidence in the securities markets. ... SIPC protection is limited up to $500,000 for securities and cash or $250,000 for only cash."

I think that last is an excellent question (if I understood it correctly). I think my answer is not even a beginning on this important subject.



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