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Re: NEW: Data Miner App & P123 API -- v1.0 (beta)

All you have to do is remove the caps on how much data we can download and its perfect... (I know a bit about programming).

Sep 22, 2020 6:48:56 AM       
Re: NEW: Data Miner App & P123 API -- v1.0 (beta)

Hello Jim and everyone reading this thread. …... In theory Quantopian is already more powerful than P123 to build fundamental models,


I assume you were aware that Quantopian will be offering the equivalent of designer models (it looks like):

I just got the above link in an email.

I still think P123 is in a stronger situation that Quantopian because of P123’s management of the data (whatever the membership numbers are aside). But whatever the truth is Quantopian refuses to sit still.

BTW, this email came just before Marc Chaikin’s email giving his (and presumably some of Marc Gerstein’s) list of preferred factors and this link:



From time to time you will encounter Luddites, who are beyond redemption.
--de Prado, Marcos López on the topic of machine learning for financial applications

Sep 22, 2020 12:18:27 PM       
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