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Canadian ETF's used as Hedge in Strategies causes gaps in Accounts

Now that we have Strategies listed within Accounts, I have connected a model that trades Canadian companies. I know that I have to enter trades manually with IB (Is that because of IIROC regulations?) but my issue is that the port uses a hedge and my only choices are US securities. I have it set to TLT but I'm trading XLB:CN in it's place. Since P123 doesn't support Canadian ETF's there is no way for me to enter that trade within the Strategy, nor can I create a separate manual strategy that just trades in and out of that ETF. What this ends up doing is leaving huge gaps in the performance graph of the Account because IB sends the info to P123 that the money in the account is "gone" but really it's just sitting in a security that P123 doesn't recognize. Can anyone think of a way around this issue?

Just my $0.02 ... Actually I need that back for my port.

Aug 14, 2019 7:25:37 AM