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Question about new highs and how to rank them.
Hi there!! I'm trying to find the stocks with new highs in the year. I use this rule: ...
Jaume 2 Mar 4, 2021 3:07:02 AM
by Jaume
Combine two strategies on one screen
Hello everyone Is it possible to make a screen combining two strategies (one rule per strategy) ...
ivillalongabarreiro 0 Mar 3, 2021 4:16:02 PM
by ivillalongabarreiro
Where can I manage/edit/delete/view watchlists in the chart tool? Thanks Tony
abwillingham 3 Mar 3, 2021 1:53:22 PM
by danparquette
acquisition as a percent of market value or EV
I am trying to look back historically at certain companies and see how much any indvidual ...
RTNL 1 Mar 1, 2021 12:20:16 PM
by yuvaltaylor
Close() parameters
Can someone explain to me exactly what the second parameter does in the Close() function? I've ...
abwillingham 3 Feb 28, 2021 9:31:21 PM
by yuvaltaylor
RS Performance
When using the RS performance tool, why do I always get results like this, with some crazy outlier? ...
abwillingham 3 Feb 28, 2021 9:30:26 PM
by yuvaltaylor
Screening out limited partnerships
Just wondering if there is any way to screen out limited partnerships when creating a screen. ...
viseks 2 Feb 28, 2021 12:32:25 PM
by viseks
Where are charts saved?
When saving a chart template, where does it go? How do you open it later? I'm sure its right ...
abwillingham 1 Feb 28, 2021 9:56:41 AM
by yuvaltaylor
What is this date format on the left, in the var?
abwillingham 1 Feb 28, 2021 9:47:03 AM
by yuvaltaylor
Is the data used by P123 reasonably accurate?
Over the past two weeks I've been running manual backtests to try to verify some OTC strats ...
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Jjames 20 Feb 28, 2021 9:32:53 AM
by yuvaltaylor
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