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Pabrai Free Lunch.
Hi all. Here I'm cheering up the forum again. Just I would like to comment that few ...
Monday33 6 May 23, 2019 2:03:36 AM
by Monday33
Book Value - still relevant?
My thoughts: ...
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mgerstein 18 May 15, 2019 9:31:17 AM
by yuvaltaylor
Updates of Data
Hi, this has been prob. a Trillion time 1. What data is updated on a daily Basis, what data on a ...
judgetrade 0 May 15, 2019 3:00:43 AM
by judgetrade
Strategy difference
Why does my screen performance differ so much compared to a simulated portfolio backtest? My stock ...
golfer1687 2 May 12, 2019 8:48:09 PM
by golfer1687
System didn't trade the stock
Why was this stock not sold 4 weeks ago? My sell rule is RankPos >41 and this is well below it. ...
nisser 8 May 12, 2019 12:49:02 PM
by nisser
Last sim, I will appreciate some comments about it.
Hi all!! I do not want to be a pain, but I will aprecciate some feedbacks about my sim. It's ...
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Monday33 18 May 9, 2019 7:49:40 AM
by smaug
any thoughts about my sim
Hi all!! Just I would like to have some thoughts about my last sim. It is based on the book ...
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Monday33 16 May 2, 2019 8:19:32 AM
by InspectorSector
Something wrong with "min rebalance transaction"
I am getting a bunch of recommendations that are well below my minimum rebalance transaction size ...
philjoe 4 Apr 22, 2019 6:41:37 PM
by philjoe
Public ranking systems
Hi, How do I find custom ranking systems that other people created? Ones that are set as ...
pmalis84 1 Apr 19, 2019 4:19:37 PM
by yuvaltaylor
How to determine a portfolio’s historical size and sector allocations
Hi, Community, I am looking at the distribution of positions by market cap (size) and sector ...
primus 4 Apr 18, 2019 3:09:51 PM
by dnevin123
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