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Two questions: why leveraged ETFs? and why  global diversification ?
No1: I looked at 1x leveraged of ETFs, and it works pretty much the same as loaning 1x, with 4% ...
Whycliffes 0 Feb 4, 2022 11:41:31 AM
by Whycliffes
Interactive Brokers (U.K.) has been approved by HMRC to manage ISAs. WOW!!!
Now UK tax residents can deposit up to 20,000 GBP per year into tax-free account to trade ...
Pitmaster1 2 Feb 4, 2022 7:35:05 AM
by Pitmaster1
Little value in tail risk ETF`s
I examined the Tailrisk or hedge etf. I'm astonished at how poorly the actual have performed in ...
Whycliffes 3 Feb 3, 2022 10:30:11 PM
by Schm1347
Volatility Trade
Scott, Bloomberg Markets 1h A popular volatility trade on Wall Street is netting historic ...
ustonapc 4 Feb 3, 2022 6:53:21 PM
by mmasand
USO Mean Reversion Code
Good afternoon. I'm looking to check a USO mean reversion system. Buy Rules: Ticker = ...
scrichley 2 Feb 3, 2022 7:45:15 AM
by scrichley
P123 link with Schwab ?
Schwab bought TDAmeritrade and the integration should be complete by 2023. One of the upcoming ...
sgmd01 2 Feb 2, 2022 10:37:22 AM
by sgmd01
A Bond Fund's View on Risk
All, Here is an article by Pimco that shows how every risk-control method you have (probably) ...
Jrinne 7 Jan 31, 2022 10:27:35 AM
by Jrinne
Hesitation during large market swings
I use semi-automatic stock models and normally religiously perform the recommended sells and buys, ...
regallow 5 Jan 25, 2022 3:54:34 PM
by rtelford
What is you best screen and actual real money performance for Max, 10 Years, 5 Years and 1 Year
Hi everyone, After having used another screening tool for European stocks, where I have done ...
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custodiof 11 Jan 20, 2022 1:42:25 AM
by teoboss
Microcaps (again)
Seeing the results in the 2021 thread got me thinking. In my own backtesting, I don’t see really ...
charles123 6 Jan 17, 2022 8:13:22 AM
by charles123
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