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Can somebody check, please, whether all of a sudden there might be an issue with this variable? ...
atw 2 Dec 4, 2019 5:10:22 PM
by marco
Sources for a weekly summary of market activity
Hi, I appreciate having a weekly summary of market activity. I have been using stockcharts for ...
sgmd01 0 Dec 2, 2019 3:38:01 PM
by sgmd01
issues to fix with the Ret%... function
P123, There are some issues to fix with this new function 1) the pop-up help terminology is ...
jmh 1 Dec 2, 2019 1:07:10 PM
by marco
Issue with Book Rebalance for 2019/11/25
There was an issue with Book rebalance this morning. Semi-Auto Rebalanced Books - The please ...
tedb 1 Nov 25, 2019 9:21:21 AM
by tedb
Timliness of Macro Charts
I use ##INFLEXP in some of my sim rules and it is now November 19th but the data still shows as of ...
richardmoore 1 Nov 19, 2019 12:25:53 PM
by pdemartino
Stale Statement + Formula Weighting
One of my portfolios tried to get me to re-balance a stock that just had an earnings release on ...
philjoe 2 Nov 19, 2019 8:06:18 AM
by philjoe
Quarterly dividends
Hi P123 team! I am visually displaying quarterly dividends per share on fundamental charts using ...
sevensisters 3 Nov 12, 2019 2:15:05 AM
by sevensisters
Bug - Can't Add New Series to Multi-Chart
This bug has existed for me for awhile now. Ever since we migrated over to the new website I have ...
dnevin123 9 Nov 7, 2019 11:54:10 AM
by marco
UL to UL.1^94
The UL ticker for Unilever is acting funny this morning. In my live port it has been changed from ...
dnevin123 8 Oct 31, 2019 12:55:21 PM
by dnevin123
ERROR in short model gain calculation
I have a short model that in simulation shows a gain of 132% on a single trade. This can not be ...
U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8 3 Oct 31, 2019 2:57:25 AM
by U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8
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