Entering Orders with TRADE
A TRADE order is made up of multiple orders that can be sent together to IB. There are two ways to create an order: by manually entering orders or from a Portfolio rebalance (please see the Rebalance section for more information). An order batch remains stored while you are logged in to Portfolio123. This allows you to build an order batch in steps, for example by doing multiple rebalances, review them in aggregate, and send all orders at once.
Below is an example of a batch with two orders, one generated from Portfolio "Port1", the other entered manually to be sent to the account "MyIB". You can schedule these orders at a future date and time, or submit them to execute as soon as possible. Once submitted you will see these orders in the TRADING->Activity where you can monitor fills, or request cancellations. All TRADE orders are also visible when you log in to your Broker.
For manually adding orders to a batch, we created a flexible interface to facilitate multiple order entry. By simply typing (or copy&paste) a list of tickers, one-per-line or comma-separated, you can create multiple orders. You can also optionally add the order side (BUY or SELL) and the number of shares. Below is an example of how you would add two orders to the current batch: BUY 100 shares of IBM, and SHORT 50 shares of MSFT.