What is TRADE?

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TRADE Overview

Portfolio123's TRADE feature allows you to send orders to your Interactive Brokers (IB) account. TRADE greatly simplifies the process of rebalancing your portfolios by eliminating the emotional, error prone, and time-consuming process of entering orders.

But we didn't stop there. We also made TRADE useful as a stand-alone tool to enter trades. With re-usable order types, multiple orders entry form, scheduling, order aggregation, and many more features, we think you will place all your orders from TRADE, not just the ones from your strategies.

Finally, we send orders via the FIX protocol so you don't even need to logon to your broker or TWS workstation. In fact you don't even need to turn on your computer.

To begin using TRADE please following these steps.

Key Features

  • Orders can be sent manually (from manual rebalance or order entry) or be fully automated.
  • Use IB algos with predefined order types or create your own.
  • Schedule trades at future times/dates (handy for weekend rebalances and inconvenient time zones).
  • Cancel working orders.
  • Monitor order status and each individual fill.
  • Automatically created P123 portfolio transactions using actual fill data.
  • Actual account balances and positions updated daily before market opens.


We take security seriously and we implemented several layers of protection in TRADE. Please see the Security section on the left for more information.

Order Flow

Below is an image of how orders are sent to IB. The key component that interacts with IB is our TRADE Router. The Router talks to IB via the FIX protocol and can send orders, send cancel requests, receive order fills or order status updates, and receive account balances and positions. Orders are fed to the Router either manually by you, or by a portfolio's Auto Rebalance. The Auto Rebalance runs before the market opens, and therefore always sends the orders to the TRADE Scheduler. You can either send your orders for immediate execution to the Router, or schedule them for later.

To begin using TRADE please following these steps.