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Full Description


To get a list of companies set to report this week, that have dropped at least 20% in last 13 weeks and have insider buys, enter:

Pr13W%Chg < -20

Implementation Details:

We estimate future earnings releases by looking at previous earning dates. We look for the previous year quarter and add a year to that quarter announcement date. Most companies report around the same date for each particular quarter. For example AAPL's Q1 has been reported on: 01/24/12, 01/18/11, 01/25/10, 01/21/09, 01/22/08, 01/17/07. All within about a week of Jan 20 or so.

Since future earnings dates are approximated we only return # weeks to the release. If you run a screen on the weekend we feel it should be quite accurate for finding stocks that are due in the upcoming week.

Historically the function is more accurate. When you run a simulation these functions are calculated at a Point In Time (PIT) by looking for the earnings report that was announced with a date greater than the PIT date. We then take the difference of these two dates and return the number of weeks.