A long time ago the Internet was a bubble. After the gut wrenching Internet roller coaster of 2001, I decided that I needed a more systematic approach to investing. A powerful, mechanical system that combined technicals and fundamentals, that was easily configurable, and that could be tested faithfully historically.
Portfolio123's institutional-quality tools allow you to prototype, simulate, and launch a strategy. With a complete set of fundamental and technical functions, Portfolio123 allows you to create an infinite number of systems. Once a system is launched, the strategy is evaluated consistently and accurately at every rebalance point. Managing a strategy becomes as simple as following the buy and sell recommendations.
Do you know why Benjamin Graham is still relevant today? Have you ever wondered why great simulated returns fizzle once you start investing? The answer to these questions is data. Portfolio123 has the best historical data and engine you can find. With quality data, a good system like Ben Graham's shows great simulated results that hold up in time. This is not a coincidence.
Our historical ratio engine is nothing short of magical. By using Compustat Snapshot data with item-by-item effective dates, we can accurately recreate the past. We take everything into account: dividends, pre-announcements with sparse data, spinoffs, deep data coverage, dead-companies, historically correct taxonomies, and universes. And we make all this available instantly, with blazingly fast simulations. It's no wonder that Portfolio123 was selected for use by many MBA courses.
Join us for a free trial and let us know what you think. We're continually improving the tools and we value your feedback. You can add comments or questions in our popular community boards or, if you prefer, contact me personally at .
I hope you'll find it enjoyable and profitable.

Marco Salerno