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Price as of02/05/16
Fundamental as of02/05/16
SEC Filings Est. next filing: 02/19/16 (11 days)
Period End Dt Announce Dt Fiscal Year Q Is Final
09/30/15 11/03/15 2015 3 Yes
06/30/15 08/05/15 2015 2 Yes
03/31/15 05/05/15 2015 1 Yes
12/31/14 02/19/15 2014 4 Yes
EPS Estimate Trends ($)
No. Analysts: 9
CurrQ -0.19 NextQ -0.18 CurrY -0.69 NextY -0.53
Actual vs Estimate
EPS Q5 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1
Estimate -$0.30 -$0.41 -$0.26 -$0.21 -$0.25
Actual -$0.23 -$0.37 -$0.24 -$0.11 -$0.16
Surprise 24.42% 8.65% 8.94% 48.04% 35.52%
Sales Q5 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1
Estimate $163.7M $146.2M $148.1M $166.5M $154.8M
Actual $170.9M $140.6M $153.0M $166.3M $162.6M
Surprise 4.42% -3.85% 3.28% -0.13% 5.02%
Pricing Data
52 Week Change -63.62%
52 Week Change Relative to SP500 -55.09%
52 Week High
Last Close $2.55
52 Week Low $1.62
Temperature gauge indicates proximity to 52Wk High or Low.
% Return to reach 52W High +192.16%
% Return to reach 52W Low -36.47%
% Return from 52W Low +57.41%
Volume Last 1 Day 3,342 K vs 3 mo (+44.00%)
Volume 10 day avg 3,227 K vs 3 mo (+39.07%)
Volume 3 month avg 2,321 K
Beta 0.79
Share Related
Market Cap ($)349.25 Mil
Shares Out136.96 Mil
Float135.07 Mil
Liquidity 3 month avg. (price * vol)5.32 Mil
Indicated Annual Dividend$0.00
Short Interest Current Month15.12 Mil
Short Interest Previous Month18.00 Mil
Short Interest Ratio4.98 Day
Ratios & Statistics
PEG (uses trailing EPS and CurY Estimates)N/A
PEGLT (uses long term growth and ProjPE)N/A
Price/Cash FlowN/A
Gross Margin-213.89%
Net Margin-183.69%
Operating Margin-248.08%
Current Ratio3.40
Total Debt/Equity0.76
Annual Growth Rates
1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Revenue -6.27% -14.61% 16.18%
EPS -69.94% N/A N/A
Dividend N/A 0.00% N/A
Ownership (in million shares)
Purch Sales Net Purch Owned
Institutions (3mo) 15.28 16.43 -1.15 62.95
Insiders (6mo) 1.23 -0.07 1.16 N/A
Coeur Mining, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the ownership, operation, exploration, and development of silver and gold mining properties primarily in the United States, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Australia, Ecuador, Chile, and New Zealand. Its principal properties include the Palmarejo silver and gold mine in Mexico; San Bartolome silver mine in Bolivia; Kensington gold mine located in Alaska; the Rochester silver and gold mine in Nevada; and the Endeavor mine, an underground zinc, lead, and silver mine in Australia. The company also owns the La Preciosa and Joaquin silver and gold exploration projects in Mexico and Argentina; and other precious metal royalties. It markets silver and gold concentrates to third-party smelters and refineries in China and Japan. The company was formerly known as Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation and changed its name to Coeur Mining, Inc. in May 2013. Coeur Mining, Inc. was founded in 1928 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.