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NameTypeRank SystemInceptionUpdateHoldingsAnnualSharpe
Chaikin Indicators - Market Timing Model - NA's neg ImpactStockChaikinInd…01/02/9908/11/121025.3%0.89-40.1%
Chaikin Indicators - Market Timing Model - NA's neutral ImpactStockChaikinInd…01/02/9908/15/121021.8%0.74-49.3%
GARP $100KStockBalanced401/02/9912/31/121723.0%1.05-49.0%
GARP $1MStockBalanced401/02/9912/31/123311.6%0.42-49.7%
GARP $500K - N/A neg impactStockBalanced401/02/9912/31/122514.3%0.52-58.5%
GARP $500K - N/A neutral impactStockBalanced401/02/9912/31/122517.0%0.65-62.7%
Kasa ModelStockKasa Model01/02/9912/31/122017.8%0.46-60.6%
P123 Multi-market Model - NA neg ImpactStockP123 Multi…01/02/9912/31/121015.8%0.54-47.4%
P123 Multi-market Model - NA neutral ImpactStockP123 Multi…01/02/9912/31/121018.8%0.71-44.0%
SP500 Market Timed HedgeStockMomentum V…01/02/9911/23/131615.7%0.66-26.2%
SP500 Market Timing Model - NA neg ImpactStockMomentum V…01/02/9908/21/121612.2%0.57-21.7%
SP500 Market Timing Model - NA neutral ImpactStockMomentum V…01/02/9908/21/121613.2%0.64-20.8%
Value & Mom $100K - N/A neg impactStockMomentum V…01/02/9912/31/122018.7%0.68-62.7%
Value & Mom $100K - N/A neutral impactStockMomentum V…01/02/9912/31/122023.5%0.91-56.7%
Value & Mom $1M - NA neutral impactStockMomentum V…01/02/9912/31/123015.5%0.50-57.1%
Value & Mom $500K - NA neg impactStockMomentum V…01/02/9912/31/122516.6%0.57-55.9%
Value & Mom $500K - NA neutralStockMomentum V…01/02/9912/31/122513.9%0.44-62.9%
Value Sentimentum - N/A neg ImpactStockValue Sent…01/02/9912/31/121915.1%0.50-59.1%
Value Sentimentum - N/A neutral ImpactStockValue Sent…01/02/9912/31/121918.9%0.69-55.3%
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